T E C H N O L O G Y 


Secure Exchange Solutions. Inc. has developed and markets, under several U.S. patents, a fully integrated transaction system that delivers the trusted means for producing electronic transactions that are unique, secure and reliable for all business and legal purposes. The company's product suite, marketed as the Trusted System, delivers a comprehensive portfolio of features and services. The Trusted System offers to companies and governments a comprehensive platform from which creates a secure electronic environment that provides the framework for business and government applications to create new business processes that reduce the overall costs of business.


Secure Exchange Solutions’ Trusted System provides a framework to develop specific applications, e.g.: Medical, using an IT framework to manage, classify, protect and control valuable digital content and data, enabling collaboration across multiple enterprises. The Company's primary family of products emphasizes The Trusted System featuring identity tokens and the first system designed to work as a key to sophisticated cloud-based services. The Trusted System is an integrated system using a Virtual Java Machine on a dedicated token and is connected to an Internet Policy Server working as a bifurcated, identification/control service, which produces the key to sophisticated cloud-based content control services. The Trusted System is built on four technical pillars – (1) the Java Virtual Machine, (2) multi-gigabyte token, (3) modern cryptography and (4) the ubiquity of the Internet coupled with a Federated Identity Model Management Contract Infrastructure. Each of these technologies is of recent vintage and together demonstrate a wholly novel, patented approach to secure information control and persistent protection. It can be insured