A B O U T   T H E   C O M P A N Y


Secure Exchange Solution, Inc. is a Maryland-based enterprise that spawns new ventures using its core intellectual property, technical and managerial know-how, and considerable business relationships. The company’s fundamental technologies are based on a portable IT framework to manage, classify, protect and control valuable digital content and data. The company has developed its underlying  platform, “The Trusted System”, which provides portable collaboration solutions, by building a framework of trust, to manage, classify, protect and control valuable digital content and data, enabling trusted collaboration across multiple enterprises.


The Company has developed several industry-specific solutions that increase productivity, support the growing government mandates and compliance issues, address privacy concerns, provide the highest level of security over the Internet and provide increased ROI to the client. With the company’s solutions, organizations can ensure that their clients and enterprises can securely share information across multiple networks/enterprises.


The Trusted System products are designed to: (i) utilize and protect a client’s existing IT investments; (ii) ensure strong and persistent data security; (iii) enable ease of integration and user-friendliness; (iv) protect critical data persistently; (v) provide usage tracking; (vi) facilitate flexible access control and (vii) reduce overall administration costs